About Us

Bundles & Bits was founded with a celebratory spirit and a health-conscious focus to offer clean, quality products for wavy, curly, coily hair textures and types. We strive to reinvigorate individuals to unleash the power of natural ingredients in their lives. Every batch is handcrafted with love to cultivate and celebrate healthy hair and a healthier lifestyle.


Once a full-service gifting company, Bundles & Bits was founded in 2016 with a celebratory spirit that evolved into an all-natural haircare brand. When co-founders, Dione & Jasmine Young, became new parents, they spent countless hours searching to find clean and effective, high-quality hair products for their curly haired daughters. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. We experienced a gap in the market and looked to bridge it by helping to make beauty more clean, diverse and inclusive; and to celebrate beauty of all shades, types and textures across the globe.

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