Bundles & Bits is a health-conscious, multicultural clean beauty brand that provides high quality, non-toxic haircare products for diverse hair textures and types.
Passionate about all things natural, clean and fun, we embrace natural beauty and celebrate it from the inside out.
Leading with humanity and authenticity.

  • We're Clean
    Our products are made with clean, natural and effective ingredients. All products are 80 to 100 percent naturally derived. Bundles & Bits formulas are cruelty-free, gluten free and mostly vegan.

  • We're Inspired
    We are inspired by holistic wellness. Our products are handcrafted, handpicked and globally and ethically sourced with beautiful packaging that is recyclable and sustainable.

  • We're Transparent
    Since honesty means everything, we include ingredients on the back of every bottle and list key ingredients on our website to take out the guesswork.

  • We're Diverse
    Our products offer something for everyone, from repair, to volume, to curl care for all hair types. We’ll never give you anything you don’t need.

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