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Bundles & Bits is a natural and organic beauty, personal care and wellness company. We are passionate about all things natural, clean and fun. Our products are handpicked and formulated with gentle ingredients for all hair textures and skin types. We leave out harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and silicone. Every batch is handcrafted with love. We encourage everyone who experiences our products to embrace their natural beauty and celebrate it from the inside out.


"Bundles & Bits was fueled by failure from the loss of another business that never birthed. A few months before I got pregnant with my first child, my laptop crashed, and I lost a business plan to a business I had been working on for years. I was completely devastated! That business never birthed however we used our detours and defeats to power progress and two months later, my husband and I created Bundles & Bits. In less than one year, we gave birth to two babies, our precious daughter Ziya and our business.

In 2017, Bundles & Bits started as a full-service gifting company specializing in beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts which included handmade products from our network of local and domestic artisans. However, in 2020 after the birth of our second daughter Zoie, we decided to revamp the business into a natural and organic personal care and wellness company. The revamp was inspired by an endless search for clean, dependable personal care products for our girls. The evolution of Bundles & Bits has been one of timely purpose and a promising future."

With love,

Jasmine Young

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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