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A multicultural hair + skincare brand that embraces natural beauty and celebrates it from the inside out. We are passionate about all things natural, clean and fun. We take a holistic and conscious approach to the ingredients included in our products, which are handpicked and formulated with gentle ingredients for all hair textures and skin types. We leave out harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and silicone; and are cruelty-free. Every batch is handcrafted with love to cultivate and celebrate healthy hair and skin.


"Bundles & Bits was inspired by an endless search for clean, dependable personal care products for my toddler girls, Ziya & Zoie. My husband and I had experienced a gap in the market for quality, clean products for our "curly-hair" girls, so we decided to create our own using natural ingredients and all of its benefits. We named our hair care line “the Ziya & Zoie collection” after our beautiful daughters as a way to share their light and grace with the world.  Our daughter Ziya’s name literally means “light, splendor or glow” and our daughter Zoie’s name means “abundant grace”. We lead with the power of love, light and grace as it drives our family, our business, and as we grow, eventually our people. We think of our clients in the same way we think about our daughters, as our children were the first users of our products.

As a business and family, we are big on building wealth, finding purpose and living happy. This is not only what we teach our children, but we do our very best to be that example to them. When you support Bundles & Bits, you are supporting my family and enabling us to continue to find ways to create opportunities for ourselves and for others. We know you have a world full of choices, we thank you for choosing us."

With love,

Jasmine Young & Dione Young

Founders of Bundles & Bits

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